Judicial Vehicle Mechanic’s Lien

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The vehicle mechanic’s lien process has changed in the State of Texas. The new process was implemented to prevent fraud but the process has actually made the process more complicated for small business owners.  The main problem is that if you fail to do all the mechanic lien steps correctly, in the right order within the time limits, then the only way you can foreclose on a vehicle and sell the vehicle to get paid is to file a lawsuit in the Justice of Peace court.

So to start such a lawsuit, you would have to  file a petition in the Justice of the Peace in the county where you reside or in which the vehicle is titled, and serve the petition on the vehicle owner and lien holder.


I have prepared a sample petition and order which may be used in filing your case with the JP Court for a Judicial Mechanic’s Lien.

Sworn Complaint

Final Judgment

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